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The Challenge of Learning a Second Language: Teaching Students who Learn Differently
  The webinar will examine these questions by presenting the latest thinking about a theoretical framework which explains second language learning difficulties in cognitive terms. The session includes simulations of second language learning difficulties designed to give instructors insights and empathy for students’ challenges. It also proposes recommendations for effective second language instruction based on research, literature review, and nearly 30 years of classroom practice developed in Landmark College’s highly successful Foreign Language programs. It includes suggestions for structuring Foreign Language programs and for specific classroom approaches and materials.  
  Speaker/Host:  Linda Hecker, M.Ed., Lead Education Specialist    
  Date:  Friday, October 14, 2016  
  Time:  2:00PM(Eastern) / 1:00PM(Central) / 12:00PM(Mountain) / 11:00AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  1 hour    
Supporting Executive Function: Strategies and Skills for the Classroom
  Why do some otherwise able students struggle with organization, sustaining effort or attention, and getting their work done on time? Often, executive function difficulties are at the heart of these struggles. Executive function refers to the cognitive abilities needed to organize thought, focus attention, and think flexibility. In short, executive function allows us to manage ourselves and get things done. This webinar will provide an overview of executive function, using a practical model based on current neurological research, and present highly effective approaches to working with students who struggle with executive function in the classroom.  
  Speaker/Host:  Rick Bryck, Senior Academic Researcher & Assistant Director    
  Date:  Friday, November 18, 2016  
  Time:  2:00PM(Eastern) / 1:00PM(Central) / 12:00PM(Mountain) / 11:00AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  1 hour    

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