The Moving Target: Proposals for Settlement


Ever thought you drafted an enforceable Proposal for Settlement and later had a court find it ambiguous? The game and rules on Proposals for Settlement are constantly changing. It seems like a new case comes out every week. It can only be described as a moving target. Kansas R. Gooden, a board certified appellate attorney from Boyd & Jenerette, PA, will provide practice tips and pointers to assist you in hitting that moving target and drafting a steel-tight Proposal for Settlement. She will also cover other helpful tips, such as motions for extension to respond and service.



 Kansas R. Gooden, Esq, Boyd & Jenerette, PA



 Thursday, December 14, 2017



 11:30AM(Eastern) / 10:30AM(Central) / 9:30AM(Mountain) / 8:30AM(Pacific)



 1 hour 15 minutes

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