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Changing Students ` Mindsets: A “Must Know” for All Educators
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Speakers:Dr. Manju Banerjee, Vice President, Educational Research and Innovation, Director, LCIRT
Dr. Rick Bryck, Assistant Director, LCIRT; Senior Academic Researcher
Susan Grabowski, Director of Short-Term Programs

Description:In recent years, there has been growing excitement around research by Carol Dweck and colleagues which demonstrates that a shift in “mindset” from a fixed to a growth mindset can promote positive learning outcomes. The implications of this research are tremendous, ranging from new student orientations and disability service student intakesat the postsecondary level to writing IEPs at the secondary level. Drawing on our own experience in conducting a mindset shift intervention with at-risk high school students during a three week transition to college program (2015), we will share research findings and insights on ways to implement element of the “mindset framework” in classroom teaching, disability service student intake, writing IEPs, and more.
  Date:  Friday, October 16, 2015  
  Time:  2:00PM(Eastern) / 1:00PM(Central) / 12:00PM(Mountain) / 11:00AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  1 hour    
Using Contemporary Theories of Learning in the Classroom
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Description:What does it mean to learn something? How do we learn to do so many different things? These are questions that are at the core of the majority of psychological disciplines. In this webinar, Cyrus Shaoul will explain how some old and new ideas about learning are changing the way we think about these questions. He will also give real-world examples of how contemporary theories of learning can be applied to improve outcomes in the classroom for all types of learners.
  Speaker/Host:  Cyrus Shaoul, Ph.D., Senior Academic Researcher / Associate Professor    
  Date:  Friday, November 20, 2015  
  Time:  2:00PM(Eastern) / 1:00PM(Central) / 12:00PM(Mountain) / 11:00AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  1 hour    

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