2019 Webinar Series


Date Title Time Duration

02/07/2019 What, Me Worry? When to Say No (or Yes!) to a Gift 1:00PM ET 01:30
02/28/2019 Advanced Gift Annuities 1:00PM ET 01:30
03/28/2019 The Do`s and (a few) Don'ts of Gifts from IRAs 1:00PM ET 01:30
04/25/2019 Why Donor Advised Funds and Supporting Organizations are a Gift Planner's Friend 1:00PM ET 01:30
05/23/2019 Understanding Your Gift Annuity Program 1:00PM ET 01:30
06/27/2019 Shifting the Conversation from Cash to Assets 1:00PM ET 01:30
07/25/2019 The Hidden Code of End-of-life Decisions 1:00PM ET 01:30
08/29/2019 Tax Info Every Gift Planner Should Know 1:00PM ET 01:30
09/26/2019 Surveying Planned Giving Prospects 1:00PM ET 01:30
10/24/2019 Bequest Administration and a Little Beyond 1:00PM ET 01:30
11/21/2019 Planned Gift Calculations You Should Understand 1:00PM ET 01:30
12/19/2019 Real World Lessons from Real World Planned Gifts 1:00PM ET 01:30

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Session(s) + recording(s) on CD(s)  $195.00/session or $1600.00/series
Session(s) + online recording(s)  $195.00/session or $1600.00/series
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Special Instructions: What if I miss a webinar? If you are unable to attend a webinar for which you have registered, you will be able to watch a recording of the webinar within a few days of the live presentation. If you register for the complete 2019 Webinar Series after one or more of the webinars have been presented live, you will be able to watch a recording of each missed webinar at no extra charge. You may obtain a recording of any live webinar that you attend for an additional charge.

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