Salome Heyward & Associates Best Practices Series
You are invited to participate in a 2 hour interactive webinar that will examine the new compliance environment created by the ADAAA and the impact on the documentation practices and procedures used by colleges and universities.

The Intended Audience:
• Disability Services Providers
• ADA Coordinators
• General Counsel
• Affirmative Action Officers
• Student Services Professionals


Speaker: Salome Heyward, Esq, Author of Disability and Higher Education and a noted trainer, presenter and advisor to colleges and universities on disability compliance issues.


Beyond Basic Academic Adjustments…It’s not just about notetakers and extended time
  • A student contests disciplinary sanctions based upon a diagnosed post-traumatic stress condition
• Faculty members complain that an approved accommodation that permits a student with a spectrum disorder to leave class when necessary would be disruptive and violate attendance requirements
• Administrators of a clinical program argue that a student who is HIV positive must be dismissed as a health and safety risk
• A medical student argues that she should be permitted to retake failed courses because her performance was negatively impacted by her treatment for drug addiction associated with pain medication prescribed following a car accident

Students with psychiatric disabilities, spectrum disorders, contagious diseases and addiction disorders have conditions that present difficult challenges for colleges and universities. While these conditions certainly can and do impact academic performance, in many instances, they require that institutions adopt different approaches to both ensure that students are qualified and are provided meaningful access to educational programs and services. During this webinar we will discuss important compliance imperatives regarding:
• Fashioning unique accommodations
• Determining whether students are qualified to participate
• Making health and safety determinations
• Controlling disruptive behavior
• Responding to emergencies

  Date:  Tuesday, November 13, 2018  
  Time:  1:30PM(Eastern) / 12:30PM(Central) / 11:30AM(Mountain) / 10:30AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  2 hours    
Documentation Nightmares: Combating false claims, over-stated needs and unreasonable requests
  In the face of an ever-increasing number of students who are requesting accommodations, colleges and universities are struggling to deal with a significant percentage of those requests which they know to be false, exaggerated and/or unreasonable. In addition to consuming an enormous amount of staff time and energy, there are a disturbing number of these cases in which institutions are found to have violated the rights of the students and/or parents making such requests. What must be understood regarding these cases is that righteous indignation will not carry the day. Often colleges and universities suffer defeat not because they are wrong but because they address the suspect submissions and extreme demands using the wrong approach. The manner in which these requests are challenged and how decisions are made are key to whether an institution will prevail when faced with one of these cases.

In this webinar we will discuss the strategies and approaches that must be employed to satisfy an institution’s compliance obligations. Topics that will be discussed include:
• The proper manner in which to support a determination that documentation is insufficient
• How disputes or conflicts regarding documentation must be addressed
• The circumstances under which an institution is obligated to seek the input of medical experts or evaluators
• Key elements to include in any denial decision
• What OCR says is the proper way to question and ultimately place restrictions on the use of a service animal

  Date:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019  
  Time:  1:30PM(Eastern) / 12:30PM(Central) / 11:30AM(Mountain) / 10:30AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  2 hours    
Legal Updates
  This session will include a review of the important court decisions, settlement agreements and agency rulings of the year. We will focus on the issues and concerns that continue to generate the majority of complaints and lawsuits, i.e., the proper role of faculty, the responsibility of students, identifying essential academic requirements, and the adoption of compliant grievance policies and procedures. We will also discuss significant OCR and DOJ pronouncements regarding accommodation practices and procedures

  Date:  Tuesday, April 2, 2019  
  Time:  1:30PM(Eastern) / 12:30PM(Central) / 11:30AM(Mountain) / 10:30AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  2 hours    

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