Salome Heyward & Associates Best Practices Series
You are invited to participate in a 2 hour interactive webinar that will examine the new compliance environment created by the ADAAA and the impact on the documentation practices and procedures used by colleges and universities.

The Intended Audience:
• Disability Services Providers
• ADA Coordinators
• General Counsel
• Affirmative Action Officers
• Student Services Professionals


Speaker: Salome Heyward, Esq, Author of Disability and Higher Education and a noted trainer, presenter and advisor to colleges and universities on disability compliance issues.


The Policies & Procedures Checklist
  The first thing that the administrators are expected to be able to produce when a complaint is filed is the policies and procedures adopted and implemented in the relevant area(s). The key or necessary elements of acceptable policies and procedures have been identified in a number of significant compliance areas. Topics that will be discussed include:

• Acceptable Policies and Procedures… What are the common elements of policies and procedures that will pass muster and what are the common mistakes to avoid?

• Documentation Standards… What practices are acceptable for requesting and reviewing documentation and making disability determinations?

•The Accommodation Process… What signals good faith decision-making and what does proper dispute resolution look like?

• Disciplinary Procedures… How to recognize the difference between inappropriate different treatment and properly considering the manifestations of the disability?

• Complaints and Grievances… Are there procedures in place to ensure that there is a safe and equitable way to challenge what are considered unfair and discriminatory actions?

  Date:  Tuesday, November 7, 2017  
  Time:  1:30PM(Eastern) / 12:30PM(Central) / 11:30AM(Mountain) / 10:30AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  2 hours    
Facility and Program Accessibility
  College and Universities are obligated to ensure that programs, services and activities offered are readily accessible to individuals with disabilities. There are a number of recent cases that reflect that there is either a lack of understanding concerning the regulatory standards or a lack of willingness to ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided equal access. Topics that will be discussed include:

• An Effective Access Plan… What are the necessary elements of a comprehensive plan, including barrier removal efforts, as well as, nonstructural alternative measures to achieve program access.

• Ancillary Service Issues… How should institutions manage access issues concerning bookstores, food service and housing?

• Navigating the Campus… What responsibility do institutions have regarding parking, path of travel, signage, as well as the sheer distance between essential locations?

• The Institution as Entertainment Central… What is the responsibility of institutions to those invited to events hosted by institution personnel, as well as those hosted by third parties?

  Date:  Tuesday, February 6, 2018  
  Time:  1:30PM(Eastern) / 12:30PM(Central) / 11:30AM(Mountain) / 10:30AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  2 hours    
On the Couch
  These are the issues and problems that make us reach for medication and/or seek therapy services. No matter how much we talk about them we still remain confused or frustrated. Topics that will be discussed include:

• Lions and Tigers and Bears…How should the increasingly out of control animal question be addressed?

• Faculty Behavior… How should institutions manage faculty behavior that is arguably unfair or discriminatory, as well as, behavior which is overly paternalistic?

• Parental Involvement… Is it possible to limit the participation of parents in the accommodation process?

• Controlling Third Parties… What should an institution’s practices be regarding procurement, clinical placement and standardized testing?

• Negotiating with Federal Enforcement Agencies… Is there really a way to exercise control during the investigative or resolution agreement process?

  Date:  Tuesday, April 3, 2018  
  Time:  1:30PM(Eastern) / 12:30PM(Central) / 11:30AM(Mountain) / 10:30AM(Pacific)  
  Duration:  2 hours    

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